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  Instructions for the Demo Version  
  This workbook is here to help you apply the Timeless Principles for Financial Health & Prosperity.  It is self-calculating, but does require your personal information.  Those cells highlighted in yellow are open for you to input your information and to change as you need.  Please feel free to change them and to experiment with different outcomes.  To navigate through the workbook do the following:  
  -  To move to the different pages, select from the tabs above.  
  -  To move from yellow cell to yellow cell, use the "Tab" key or your mouse.  
  -  To enter a number in the yellow cells, select the cell with the "Tab" key or  
       your mouse, enter the number then use the "Tab" key to save the number.  
  -  To calculate the page after you have entered your numbers, click on  
      either of  the "Update" buttons at the top or at the bottom of the page.  
  -  "Save" is not available on this demo version.  The complete version is part  
      of our Module "Invest with Confidence" and can be purchased at  
  Copyright 1994-2004  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  
  This work may not be duplicated, copied, distributed in whole or in part  
  in or by any manner or means, including but not limited to, physical or  
  electronic without the expressed written consent of  

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